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Communication in a firm is core to success, no matter the business they are engaging in. For effectiveness, a strategic communication process is set out between the firm and the public. The public provides the market and therefore public relations (PR) are an important department. The primary aim of public relations is to create a mutually beneficial environment. This being a strategic process, there are basic principles that govern its effectiveness. It is a continuous and dynamic process since the firm needs the public so long as they are operating. When this concept started, there were no common guidelines until Grunig and Hunt developed four public relation models. The models brought sanity and defined what PR covers.

Public information model

This model bases on the right to information that every citizen enjoys. It dates back to early 20th century when accuracy of information became crucial. It calls for the PR officer to observe ethics while delivering information to the public. The firm has a duty to use all means of communications to provide information to the public. However, the PR officer has to ensure that the information is genuine and accurate to avoid confusing the public. The reaction from the public is a form of measure of the effectiveness of the information. This model is common with government agencies.

Press Agentry model

The press focuses on influencing the public rather than the accuracy and the reality of news they present. In the 19th century, the press was a tool used to influence public opinions since it is a one-way communication platform. The present press agents apply the same Press Agentry concept where there is no factual news. Practitioners use this one-way communication concept to market their products and services. Although there are no quantitative results, the public gets information and have some reaction.

2-way symmetrical model

This is a consulting-type of concept where the PR and the customers engage. The PR officer acts as a mediator for the firm and the clients. The primary focus of this public relation model is to solve a conflict and improve the firm practices. Public opinion is very crucial in this model. Non-profit organizations mainly use this concept to create that mutually beneficial relationship with the public. This is because their objective is to help the public and not necessarily for business purposes.

2-way asymmetric model

After World War I, there was an increased need to market consumer products and the markers had a specific target audience. This formed the basis of this model where the feedback was important to the firm alone. The idea of mutual benefits is not the aim and influence on the public’s reaction is the primary focus. However much it may look unfair, all advertisers use it. They ensure the public knows and believes in what they market.

Public relations service rates

Public relations department is a very important investment in any business. Their services determine the success of the business in the future, and the present. Given their core role, how would they charge a startup or an established company? In Gold Coast, one can choose from a variety of PR agencies. If not well informed, one of the subjects is prone to exploitation. The first distinction of service rates is between the startup firms and the established companies. The startups are the most vulnerable to exploitation due to inadequate information. Factors that determine the service rates are:

Size of agency

The size of the PR agency influence how they will charge. Multinational agencies are expensive than local private and mid-size firms. For most of the companies, the Brand may influence the price but the basic services are similar.

Region and city

This is where class comes in; sourcing PR services from famous towns such as Gold Coast is much expensive compared to other towns. The level of living determines the PR charges.


Businesses are different in the nature of clients on target. For instance, the banking and technology industry requires specialized services than the fashion industry. Generally, the more detailed your public relations requirement, the higher the price.

Methods of PR charging

A review on the PR companies in Gold Coast shows that they present a number of ways they charge. These include:

Pay for performance

It is the best method for firms in terms of payments but it is very uncommon due to its nature of business. Unless the PR agency focuses on long-term partnership, the results are poor on the short-term basis. Most of the crucial details like trainings, strategy development and crisis solving are not part of this payment plan.

Hourly fees

This method depends on the level of expertise by the PR staff and the time spent on the job. The hourly rates are a reflection on an annual calculation of salary versus time spent. The PR has to perform to the company’s objective, if they are to be paid.

Unlimited Flat fee

Usually a monthly fee that reflects an estimate of the time the PR will spend on the job. However, this method exposes both the client and the PR. The job might be too much for the PR or might be too little to deserve such a pay. This method is mainly for small PR agencies working for startup businesses since both of them have a common goal.

Limited flat fee

This is more specific and the estimated number of working hours determines the payment rates. Most agencies in Gold Coast charge a flat minimum payment and additional charges added for any excess hours. The minimum charges are commitment fees for basic PR services that come on a daily basis.

Where to find PR agencies in Gold Coast

In Gold Coast, the PR industry is quite developed. Most of the businesses consult the Public relations firms for a healthy business. The agencies charge different charges depending on the Brand name and the specifications that the PR offers. Finding the right PR Company in Gold Coast can be a hard task especially when you need quality services. However, the companies update their services and charges on their websites. On the same websites, they provide directory services and contacts for ease of access. The clients’ reviews on the website will assist you to choose the best PR partner to drive you in achieving your company’s objectives. Top Gold Coast PR Agency Website: